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Fan scarf

The classic item in every stadium. No matter what season. With logo, the superstar or a new slogan; different colour combinations and designs show the difference in quality and demand.

Fan scarf

Fashion scarf

Simple, elegant and a statement. Your company as a flagship for an exclusive fashion scarf. Whether manager, staff or VIP-customer - the right accessory for cold days with the right statement.

Fashion scarf

Knitted cap

A warm head for cool ideas. The must-have for the cold season. Your colours, your logo on the most valuable advertising space of all: the head of your customers. Modern and with a clear statement.

Knitted cap

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Thread by ThreadHave an inside look into our production

To step 1: <strong>Your Vision&nbsp;>></strong>

6 steps to your scarfInsight

Our scarf is a result of the most modern technology in combination with professional handling and creative development.
With the next steps we would like to show you the production flow that a scarf needs to pass from the idea to dispatch.

To step 1: Your Vision >>

To step 2: <strong>Your Layout&nbsp;>></strong>

Step 1: Your Vision

Get in contact with us. Just provide us with a little drawing or send us your logo or a photo. List your preferred colours and a text template. Our design department will create a draft that you will, of course receive for approval.

To step 2: Your Layout >>

To step 3: <strong>Production&nbsp;>></strong>

Step 2: Your Layout

Here you can see front and back of the scarf next to each other. The fringes will be sewed onto the scarf in your stated colour subsequently.

To step 3: Production >>

To step 4: <strong>Finishing & Longitudinal Cutting&nbsp;>></strong>

Step 3: Production

After approval and specification of the scarf and fringe colour, your scarf will be knitted on one of our machines.

To step 4: Finishing & Longitudinal Cutting >>

To step 5: <strong>Sewing&nbsp;>></strong>

Step 4: Finishing & Longitudinal Cutting

During the finishing process, the scarfs will be fixed with steam.

To step 5: Sewing >>

To step 6: <strong>Labelling & Dispatch&nbsp;>></strong>

Step 5: Sewing

In our sewing department, the scarfs will be cross-cutted and undergo a quality control. Following this, the scarf will be sewed, ironed and the fringes will be shortened to length.

To step 6: Labelling & Dispatch >>

And now? <strong>Contact us&nbsp;>></strong>

Step 6: Labelling & Dispatch

In our shipping department, our scarfs undergo a final quality control. Finally, the scarfs will be labelled and packed.

And now? Contact us >>

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Managing Director Anke Michl-Gebelein with son Jonas Gebelein

The family-run company Fritsche Accessories is proud of its reliability and the fair co-operation with customers and staff. We constantly strive to respond promptly and competently to the demands of our customers. Being a training company, it is important for us to maintain the high quality standard also in the future. A speedy communication in our company allows us to act and react without any detours.

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1999Since that year we are
supplying the Bundesliga

35employees are
behind us

family-run company

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Our Philosophy

In close collaboration with our customers, we implement the requirements and wishes regarding design and layout. We maintain long-term and good relationships to our customers. The demands and requirements of each customer are always our main focus and every customer will receive friendly and competent advice. Comprehensive service as well as direct and fast response are important

to us. Our customers always have one main contact partner. High product quality demand excellent staff. Profound knowledge and personal commitment of our staff is the base of our success. Our aim is clearly defined: Fritsche Accessories GmbH manufacture high-quality and individual products and employ staff that are highly skilled and enjoy working.

What makes us special?
We offer the complete solution from
a single source. Competence, kindness, speed and
flexibility are the fundamental base of our work.

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Sylvia Beck
Assistant to the Sales Director

+49 9252/9997-68

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